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Citrix Cloud
Citrix Cloud Menu

Just as i thought that the Citrix marketing team didn’t came up with anything for Synergy 2016. Citrix Workspace Cloud is being renamed to Citrix Cloud.

Enough with the jokes!

According to Citrix, the reason for the rebrand is because they want to offer all Citrix products from their cloud. Citrix also want to offer services that are beyond the workspace. Citrix Cloud will be able provide:

  • Complete Workspaces
  • Migration services
  • Automation services
  • Networking services

And i am pretty sure that there is more to come once we are on the other side of Synergy 2016.

Citrix Cloud is not the only new name. All the services in the cloud are also changing name. On the picture underneath, you can see the new names.


Citrix Cloud
Citrix Cloud

Citrix Workspace Cloud was released in August 2015, so it is all still very new. Still, there are customers running on the platform. Nothing really changed for them other than the name. They still have the same access and they still have the same products. They will all be able to login from the new URL:

Citrix Cloud and Citrix Partners

It has been a great discussion among partners weather or not this will take their bread and butter. There are still a lot that needs to be done with this Citrix Cloud. The only thing you, as partner, do not need to worry about anymore is the upgrade and maintain the infrastructure roles. Applications still need to be installed and tested. Not only that but, there is also the whole designing fase. So still great opportunities out there.

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