You want to give your users a great steak, right?

Citrix DirectorHow do you cook a steak without insight? You need to know the meat’s temperature to do that. You need a tool for that. The same goes for the user experience in your XenApp / XenDesktop environment. The tool we use to measure user experience is called Citrix Director.

I have lost count on how many times I have heard the customers are struggling with logon times. “It’s taking too long. What can I do about it?” The first I ask is, if they have checked Director. Almost 100% says no. I am probably shooting myself in the foot here, because customers can save a lot of consulting hours if they use the Citrix Director.

With Citrix Director, you can break down your logon times and see what is taking the time. You can see how long time it takes to run your GPO’s, your logon scripts and load your profiles. With this information, you know where you need to optimize your environment.

Citrix Director gives you an overview of your XenApp / XenDesktop environment in real time. You get information about license usage, failed machines and failed logons. You can setup thresholds and notifications if you wish to be alerted or want to alert the right people in case of something breaks.

How do I get Citrix Director?

Here comes the beauty part. If you are a XenApp / XenDesktop customer, you already have it. Citrix Director comes with all editions of XenApp an XenDesktop. Please note, that there is a difference on how much historical data you get.

  • Advanced        7 days
  • Enterprise       1 month
  • Platinum         1 year

Otherwise, there is no difference. Get your Citrix Director installed today and start optimizing your user experience.

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