Citrix: Oncology Venture and Citrix partner to scale personalized cancer treatments

Citrix customer story about how Oncology Venture is able to support users across the world with a standard desktop solution. Combining Citrix Cloud and Google cloud was the perfect fit for Oncology Venture.

Minimizing time spend on updates

With a centralized Windows Desktop solution, we were able to minimize the time we needed to update our platform. In partnership with Google, Citrix developed Machine Creation Services for Google Cloud. This was a really big help for keeping our platform up-to-date. If we had changes in an application, we could easily roll it out to the users overnight.

Pay for what you need in Google Cloud with Autoscale

One of the included features in Machine Creation Services is Autoscale. Autoscale will scale the number of workloads that you need. If you have a great need for resources in the middle of the day and less during the night, Autoscale will automatically boot up the workloads that are needed. This means that you do not have workloads running that you do not need and pay for.

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