Citrix X1 Mouse

Citrix X1 Mouse brings your Windows Desktop to your iPad

Citrix X1 Mouse
Citrix X1 Mouse

Ever since Citrix Receiver for the iPad and the iPhone was released, many Citrix customers have tried to deliver Windows applications and Windows Desktops to their users on those devices. It is no secret that Windows applications are not developed for a touch interface. Using a Windows application requires precision in order to click the right buttons. To meet this demand Citrix introduced a while ago the Citrix X1 Mouse.

The Citrix X1 Mouse is made for the user that wants to be on the move on his or her mobile devices. The Citrix X1 Mouse works with both iPad and iPhone, but it only supports Bluetooth 4.0. To check if your devices support this.

The Citrix X1 Mouse started as a prototype, so manufacturers of hardware could take it up and start to develop their own. No one did. But the prototype was sold online on eBay and other places. Citrix then decided to develop a mouse that they could sell. So far the prototype was given away at Citrix Summit and other Citrix events.

I have the pleasure to try the Citrix X1 Mouse and it works actually really well. With the new iPad Pro, you can also get good screen size. I still wait for a solution where I can use my iPhone as a thin client. I have talked with many customers about that solution and they can really see great potential in giving their users phone and they can use that for both phones and a thin client.

Where can I get my own Citrix X1 Mouse

The Citrix X1 Mouse is being sold at the Citrix online store. You can also but your Citrix X1 Mouse from your local Citrix partner.

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