Getting started with Citrix ADC CPX – Former known as Netscaler CPX

There has been a great deal of talk about Citrix ADC CPX. Some still know it as Netscaler CPX. Citrix changed all the product names at Synergy, and I have to admit that I still use the old names.


The only thing you need to run Citrix ADC CPX is a Docker host. If you want to do some testing, you can use your Windows PC or your Mac. You can find the software you need on the Docker website.

Where do i get the Citrix ADC CPX

There are two ways I can get Citrix ADC CPX. One of them is too login into Citrix’s download site. This will require a Citrix ID. Another is from the Docker Store. In this article, I use the Docker store. Before you get started, it would be a good idea to check for the latest version at the Docker Store

Citrix ADC CPX Netscaler CPX
Citrix ADC CPX in Docker Store

Get the Citrix ADC CPX image

Open a terminal and type this command.

docker pull store/citrix/netscalercpx:11.1-53.11

This will pull the image from the Docker Store. The version for this image is 11.1-53.11. Check the store for which versions that are available. You can list all your images with this command.

docker images

Build a container

Once you have the image, you need to build a container. To do this, type this command in your terminal.

docker run -e EULA=yes -dt -p 22:22 -p 80:80 --name nscpx  --cap-add=NET_ADMIN store/citrix/netscalercpx:11.1-53.11

This will create the container at start up Citrix ADC CPX.

Connecting to the Citrix ADC CPX

You can connect with SSH once the container is up and running. You will not have a web interface like the other editions of ADCs from Citrix. Everything is configured by using the script. An example could be 'sh version'

This command will return the version of the ADC.

We have come to the end of the article. I hope it help you to get started. Here you can find more information about the other ADC editions.

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