Mouse for iPad | Unleash the potential of your iPad with Citrix X1 Mouse

You can find a lot of different keyboards for iPads. But you can not find a mouse for iPads. The reason is, that iOS does not support a mouse. And that makes sense since we are talking about a tablet. You are supposed to use your finger to access apps and information on an iPad.

Why do you need a mouse for iPads?

We are in a constant chase for the one device to fix all tasks. An iPad has the right size and the weight is perfect. An iPad is also great to read and access information. Once you want to create a document or a drawing, it really makes difficult without a pointing device. This is because enterprise applications are not developed for touch screens. Citrix created the X1 mouse for iPads to give users the Windows desktop experience on an iPad with the use of Citrix Apps and Desktops. With this solution, you have your powerful laptop and your mobile device in one device.

What about the stylus for the iPad?

Apps for the iPad will be developed so it will be easier to create content. Companies are still using that are installed on a laptop, so we will see a transition from laptop to tablets and the push will come from the users. But for now, this is a great way to give users access to their company tools. Later on, enterprise apps will be developed so we can use these on tablets and touch screens.

How to get the Citrix X1 Mouse for iPads?

You can buy the Citrix X1 Mouse on the Citrix online store. Click here to get to the store.

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