Windows 10 Migration as a Success

In these days, many are looking into upgrading their Windows platform to Windows 10. For many companies, a Windows 10 migration this is a very hard task. Upgrading Windows is not the hard part. But testing all the Windows applications is. I have worked with companies that had over 1000 applications. Sometimes even more. Each and one application needs to be tested and that is for most of IT organisation an overwhelming task. All companies also have applications that needs a different platform or maybe they can’t even coexist on the operating system.

How to get started with Windows 10 migration

Introducing Citrix AppDNA for companies that are looking into a Windows 10 migration will really help them to get started and get to the goal a lot faster. With AppDNA you can cut cost and time used with up to 90%. With Citrix AppDNA you are able analyse all your applications and get information which applications that are ready to get installed on Windows 10 and which ones that you need to test or even replace.

Not all applications can be replaced. The reason is that these applications are core business applications. The solution for these applications is to host them on a Citrix XenApp solution. With a Citrix XenApp solution, you can present the application from an older version of Windows to the Windows 10 machine. So you separate the application and the Windows 10.

If you want to hear more about how to get your business up to date on the latest Windows 10, you are more than welcome to contact me.

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