XenServer will not boot after installation

The other day, I installed XenServer 6.2 on my new Lenovo ThinkCentre. That would be a great idea since Citrix announced that XenServer is now Open Source.

After the installation was done, I was not able to boot on the new installation of XenServer. After some asking around, I found this solution:

Boot on the XenServer Installation Media

The first thing you need to do is to boot up your host on the XenServer installation media.

Type menu.c32

Once you get to the installation screen, you need to type


and press enter. (See screenshot below)

Edit installation string

Press the “Tab” button on your keyboard. The installation string will now appear in the command line. Just before the last ’—’, type


as the picture below and press enter.

Run through the installation as you always do. After the installation is done XenServer will now boot up.

This issue can be experienced on Lenovo computers and IBM servers.


  1. Works great with XEN SERVER 7 installed from USB.
    Thank you so much, can you explain me please what happen if GPT is on.

    Thanks again.

  2. Solved it for me with XenServer 7.1 and an Acer Desktop XC600 from 2013.

    Probably something with its UEFI bios, that cannot handle a GPT boot record with fallback to MBR. A drawback is, that on a 10 T hdd, XenCenter can only see 2 T.

  3. Lifesaver! Banging my head against wall trying to figure this one out. Why it has to be so problematic! Thank you for the write up!

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    1. Sir. Could u please help me . Im trying to install xensever on my ibm X3100 M4. Tried the workaround but still not able to boot from the harddisk.

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